32" Wide Single Bay Shelving System

Compression Mounted or Semi-Wall Mounted Single Bay Pole Mounted Aluminum Shelving System.  Mount the ISS Poles from floor to ceiling using the compression kits on top.  If you prefer, choose the Semi-Wall Mounted option and attach two tie pole kits per pole to the wall.  Place the brackets at any height to support your aluminum shelves.  The aluminum shelves come with 12" ISS Brackets with Retaining Pins.   ISS Loop Bookends are included.  The pole length may be customized for your ceiling height up to 112" with Compression Kits.   Choose all satin anodized aluminum or create your own combination of colors for the hardware, the shelves or both.


32"W X 96"L X 13.5"(Shelves 12" deep)


load capacity:
130 Pounds per Shelf


hardware and shelf colors:





hardware includes:
2  - 93" Flat or Mitered ISS Poles for 8' Ceiling
2  - 12" Compression Kits or 12" Mitered Tie Pole Kits
2  - 12" Standard Tie Pole Kits
14 - 12" ISS Brackets with Retaining Pins
14 - Loop Bookends 


aluminum shelves:
7  - .75" H X 32" W X 12"D Shelves